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ALBA MINERAL CONTRAST JACUZZI ( over 16 years old only )

Improve your wellbeing just by bathing in Alba mineral hot and cool jacuzzi, an age-old practice to maintain health and vigor. Hot water alone brings nutrient-rich blood the to surface area, relaxes muscles and increases body temperature to kill harmful germs and to get rid off toxins. Cold water drives blood to the body’s core, bringing improved nourishment to organs and tissues, also reducing inflammations and inhibiting pain. Osmosis between Alba mineral water and your body allows the absorption vital nutrients often in insufficient amount in our modern diets:

  • Magnesium to combat stress, boost immune system and enhances overall rejuvenation process
  • Calcium to build strong teeth and bones, to help maintain organ and bodily functions
  • Potassium to help eliminate body toxins, to promote healthy skin and to reduce high blood pressure
  • Sulfates to address a wide variety of conditions such as respiratory problems or skin inflammations

Min: at least 20min


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  • Relaxing Oil Massage - performed by therapists skilled at releasing muscular tension through the use of slow, deep motions; (60 mins)

  • Calming Back & Shoulder Massage - tailor-made for those who spend more time on their computers and smartphones than their bodies would like (60 mins)

  • Serene Footbath & Massage - focused on reflexology points to induce relaxation and restorative sleep (45 mins)

  • Hydrating Face & Neck Massage - designed to alleviate pressure in the cranial area and bring the brain back to life with the help of French skincare products (60 mins)

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  • Sore Muscles Massage - uses slow, medium-deep messaging techniques and rejuvenating botanicals to relieve pain and strain (60 mins)

  • Sun Relief Wrap - features hydrating botanicals to rekindle sun-damaged and dehydrated skin (45 mins)

  • Light Legs Treatment - combines lymphatic drainage and cooling botanicals to revive tired, heavy legs (45 mins)

  • Longevity Foot Bath & Massage - emphasizes reflexology points and rejuvenating botanicals to expedite the body's regenerative process (60 mins)

  • Timeless Beauty Facial - uses French skincare products to combat wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots (60 mins)

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  • Recharge Massage - fast, medium-pressure touch and stimulating botanicals invigorates the whole body (60 mins)

  • Invigorating Rub - fast, light hands and a secret blend of botanicals awaken the most tired bodies (45 mins)

  • Stretch & Flow Massage - works the energy lines and brings the body's system back to life (60 mins)

  • Energizing Foot Bath & Massage - special attention paid to reflexology points for those keen to start the day fresh. (60 mins)

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  • Purifying Oil Massage - employs medium-deep movements and detoxifying botanicals designed to rid the body of pollutants (60 mins)

  • Detox Scrub - uses a blend of botanicals that purify the system and eliminate toxins (45 mins)

  • Clear Mind Head Massage - stimulates nerve endings and blood flow to the brain for clearer thinking (60 mins)

  • Cleansing Footbath & Massage - focus is on specific reflexology points to open energy pathways (60 mins)

  • Purity Face Treatment - utilizes French skincare products to help restore oily and acneic skin (60 mins)
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